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How To Get Axes In Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 6, 2024 . 6 min read

So you’ve been playing Hay Day for a while now and have built up your farm, unlocked a bunch of buildings, and progressed pretty far in the game.

But now you’ve noticed some of your friends posting screenshots with axes and other tools you haven’t seen before. You’re wondering how to get your hands on these useful items to help speed up production and get more work done around your farm.

Understanding the Importance of Axes in Hay Day

On Hay Day, axes are essential tools for maintaining the beauty and order of your farm. These trusty companions play a vital role in tree trimming, ensuring your leaf and pine trees stay well-manicured. 

hay day axes

They are equally indispensable for keeping your decorative and dead fruit bushes in check, preserving the farm’s aesthetic appeal. Beyond your farm, axes also contribute to your town’s charm by helping maintain the beauty of its surroundings. 

These versatile tools are conveniently stored in your barn, ready for use, ensuring your farm and town remain visually appealing. 

Basic Ways to Obtain Axes

In Hay Day, acquiring axes is essential for maintaining your farm and town’s allure. Here, we’ll explore the basic and easy-to-follow methods for obtaining these crucial tools.

  1. Purchase with Diamonds: One straightforward way to get axes is by purchasing them with diamonds. For a cost of 4 diamonds, you can easily add axes to your inventory. This option provides a quick and reliable source of axes.
  2. Hire Tom: Tom, the trusty farmhand, can be your best ally in finding axes. By hiring Tom and sending him on a mission, he will seek the best deals for you. This often includes finding players selling axes and other tools, making it easy for you to acquire them. While hiring Tom does require spending diamonds, it can be a worthwhile investment in the long run.
  3. Roadside Shops: Keep an eye on the roadside shops as they sometimes sell axes. You can purchase axes here for varying coin amounts, making it a budget-friendly option to expand your collection.
  4. Random Occurrences: Axes can also be found through various in-game activities. They can be randomly obtained when you harvest crops, collect products or animal goods, cut down trees and bushes, feed your pets, open mystery boxes, spin the Wheel of Fortune, participate in global events, fully satisfy a town visitor, win prizes in derbies, or use mystery nets in the fishing lake.

Maximizing Your Axe Collection Strategy

Picture your farm in Hay Day as a flourishing Eden, where every tree and bush adds to its charm, a testament to your dedication. You need a savvy strategy to build a bountiful collection of axes to turn this vision into reality.

Firstly, the more you harvest, the more experience points (XP) you gain. Why does this matter? Because XP is your golden ticket to uncovering more tools, including those precious axes.

So, roll up your sleeves, get to those fields, and don’t hold back on the wheat; frequent harvesting is your path to success.

Second, enter Tom the Explorer, a cool cat and goldmine for finding axes. Hire him, and he’ll traverse the town and beyond, scouting out the finest deals on axes and other indispensable tools. It’s a diamond investment that pays off handsomely in an expanding axe collection.

tom in hay day

Next, nurture your town. Spend time among its cheerful locals, interact with them, and keep your village a bustling, happy place.

Why? Because well-dressed townies can sometimes gift you with saws, a joyous town heightens your odds of receiving these valuable tools.

Lastly, the events and activities that Hay Day has to offer. Join global events, partake in thrilling derbies, and give the Wheel of Fortune a spin. These diversions often feature axes as rewards, a little bonus for enjoying the game to its fullest.

Building a Successful Farm with Axes

Axes are not just tools but the secret to crafting a prosperous and aesthetically pleasing farm. These trusty tools serve many purposes, and understanding how to use them effectively is crucial.

First and foremost, axes are your companions in tree and bush care. Whether it’s the trimming of decorative trees or the removal of dead fruit bushes, axes help maintain the neatness and order of your farm.

This enhances the visual appeal and creates space for new crops and buildings, allowing your farm to evolve.

Moreover, when you envision expanding your farm to accommodate more resources and endeavors, axes become invaluable. They can clear the path by swiftly removing unwanted trees and bushes, ensuring your farm remains organized and making room for additional crops and animals.

However, the utility of axes extends beyond the farm boundaries. They also play a significant role in town beautification.

A well-groomed town, thanks to the work of axes, attracts more visitors and ensures that your market thrives, contributing to your overall success.

Lastly, axes are conveniently stored in your barn and readily available. Keeping a few axes on hand is a wise move, as their versatile nature is essential for maintaining the flourishing state of your farm and town. 

How do you get tools in Hay Day?

Obtaining tools is crucial for effective farm management in Hay Day. Tools are essential in harvest crops, gathering resources, and expanding your farm; tools are a standard procedure to follow to obtain tools.

Firstly, as you level up in the game, you’ll unlock new tools and equipment. Monitor your experience points (XP) as they determine your progress. By gaining XP, you’ll gradually gain access to more advanced tools.

Another way to obtain tools is by visiting the in-game store. Hay Day regularly updates its shop, offering a variety of tools for purchase.

You can use the coins you earn from selling crops, goods, and other items on your farm to buy these tools. Keep checking the store for new devices or sales.

Additionally, participating in special events and completing orders can reward you with tools. Events often feature exclusive rewards, including devices that boost your farm’s productivity.

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