Efficient Collection Strategies in Hay Day
Hay Day

Efficient Collection Strategies On Hay Day

Qasim Ahmad

January 13, 2024 . 7 min read

So you’ve started your farm in Hay Day and are knee-deep in orders and visitors. Your time is stretched thin between harvesting crops, feeding animals, and filling truck deliveries. 

How do you make the most of your time and resources to keep everything running smoothly on the farm? We’ve got some tips to help you work smarter, not harder. By optimizing your collection strategies, you’ll be raking in coins and experience points in no time.

How do you collect requested items on Hay Day?

In “Hay Day,” collecting requested items is a smart way to earn coins, experience points, and build great relationships with neighbours. When someone asks for items through your mailbox or roadside shop, it’s a chance to make some quick money. Just check your mailbox for orders and see what’s needed. 


These orders can include crops, dairy products, or other farm goods. Make sure you have the requested items stored in your barn or silo. If you don’t, grow or make them to fulfill the order. Each completed order brings you coins and experience points, which help you level up. It’s an easy way to progress in the game and build up your farm.

How to Collect Donations on Hay Day

Collecting donations in “Hay Day” is essential for the growth of your farm. You can receive donations by helping your friends and neighbours. When you see a request for help on the town’s bulletin board, offer assistance quickly.

Each time you help, you earn reputation points and some experience. Reputation is essential for expanding your farm and accessing new features, so keep an eye on those donation requests and be a helpful farmer in your “Hay Day” community.

How to Collect Bacon on Hay Day

Bacon is a tasty and profitable item in “Hay Day.” You can collect bacon by feeding your pigs. Ensure you have a sty on your farm and it’s well-stocked with food. When you provide your pigs, they’ll produce bacon for you.

Collect it regularly; bacon can be sold in your roadside shop for profit. The more pigs you have, the more bacon you can collect. So, if you’re looking to make some extra coins, invest in a hovel and keep those pigs well-fed.

How to Collect Duck Feathers on Hay Day

Duck feathers are valuable in “Hay Day.” You can collect them by having a duck salon on your farm. Make sure to feed and care for your ducks regularly. As they grow, they’ll produce feathers.

These feathers can be used for various purposes, such as upgrading your fishing boat or crafting unique items. So, if you want to make the most of your ducks and their feathers, remember to keep them happy and well-fed.

How to Collect Money in Hay Day

Money is the lifeblood of your “Hay Day” farm. To collect money, focus on selling items in your roadside shop and fulfilling orders. When you have a surplus of goods, please place them in your shop, and other players will buy them, giving you coins.

Additionally, completing truck and boat orders provides you with more money. Constantly monitor your farm’s inventory, and don’t hesitate to sell excess items to make some quick cash. Your farm’s treasury will grow steadily by staying active and responsive to orders and sales.

How to Collect Puzzle Pieces on Hay Day

The popular farming simulation game Hay Day lets users express their individuality by letting them decorate their fields with puzzle pieces. Amassing these pieces of the puzzle is not only an enjoyable challenge, but it also gives your virtual sanctuary a unique character.

Participate in Events

Keep an eye on in-game events as they often offer puzzle pieces as rewards. Events can range from fishing derbies to truck deliveries, providing ample opportunities to earn these pieces. Completing event tasks efficiently ensures a steady influx of puzzle rewards.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune, found near the town area, is a crucial source of puzzle pieces. Spin the wheel daily for a chance to win coins, experience points, and those elusive puzzle fragments. Consistent spins increase your chances of completing sets.

wheel of fortune

Visit Friends and Neighbors

Socialize with other players by visiting their farms and participating in roadside shops. Helping others and receiving help in return often results in puzzle pieces as a gesture of gratitude. This fosters a sense of community while aiding in your decorative endeavours.

Complete Boat Orders

Fulfilling boat orders is not just about earning coins and experience points; it’s also an opportunity to obtain puzzle pieces. Focus on completing boat deliveries efficiently to maximize your puzzle piece collection.

Treasure Chests and Mystery Boxes

Look for treasure chests and mystery boxes scattered around your farm. Opening these containers can reveal puzzle pieces, adding an element of surprise to your collection strategy.

Purpose of Puzzle Pieces

Decorative items on Hay Day not only beautify your farm but also contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. Completing puzzle sets unlocks unique and visually appealing decorations that can be placed strategically to create a personalized and charming atmosphere. From quaint cottages to elegant statues, these items allow you to express your creativity and make your farm a truly one-of-a-kind virtual haven.

What is the most profitable produce on Hay Day?

If you want your virtual farm to succeed in Hay Day, the game’s virtual farming world, you must maximize your crop choices. For farmers, some crops and products consistently bring in the most money. The Hay Day green gold mines can be found using this guide.


The humble wheat crop is a staple every farmer should consider. It’s not just easy to grow, requiring a short harvest time, but it’s also a crucial ingredient in various products, such as bread and animal feed. Wheat is the foundation of many lucrative production chains, making it a wise and profitable choice.


Corn fields can be a goldmine on Hay Day. With a slightly longer growing time than wheat, corn can be used to produce valuable items like popcorn and chicken feed. Investing in corn can pay off handsomely, especially if you have a good production chain.


Soybeans are another profitable crop that savvy farmers cultivate. They’re crucial in producing bacon pies, animal feed, and other high-value items. Due to their versatility, soybeans can be a lucrative addition to your farming repertoire.

Dairy Products

Cows and goats in Hay Day aren’t just cute additions to your farm; they’re also reliable sources of profit. Milk and goat cheese are highly sought-after products, and nurturing your dairy animals can create a steady income stream.

Fruit Trees

Planting fruit trees like apples, cherries, and peaches can be a long-term investment that pays off handsomely. Once mature, these trees continuously produce fruit, which can be used in various valuable products, such as pies and smoothies.

Bees and Honey

Introducing bees to your farm is a sweet strategy. Honey is a high-value product that can be used in various recipes, making it a profitable venture for beekeeping enthusiasts.


Don’t forget the water! Fishing is a lucrative activity that provides a variety of fish, lobsters, and more. These can be used in various recipes, contributing to your overall farm income.

Qasim Ahmad

Qasim Ahmad


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