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Best Ways To Get Gems (2024 Tips) – Survivor.Io

Qasim Ahmad

January 24, 2024 . 12 min read

Welcome to, where strategic gameplay meets valuable rewards! In this guide, we unveil the ultimate treasure hunt: the best ways to amass gems, the coveted in-game currency.

Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or a newbie exploring the post-apocalyptic world, our comprehensive tips cover every method available. From conquering daily challenges to mastering mega challenges, we’ve compiled tried-and-tested strategies to boost your gem collection rapidly.

What Are Gems In Survivor?

In, gems are the virtual gold that opens doors to a realm of possibilities within the game. Serving as the primary in-game currency, gems play a pivotal role in enhancing your gameplay experience.

gems in

These precious gems can be utilized to acquire new equipment, unlock supply crates, and even purchase gold.

Easily visible in the top right corner of the main lobby, the gem count reflects your wealth in this post-apocalyptic universe. The in-game shop, refreshed every 24 hours, showcases a variety of equipment available for purchase using gems.

How To Get Gems In Survivor.Io

To really get good at, you need to figure out how to get gems. Find out about different ways to get gems, such as finishing daily challenges, main challenge levels, and special operations missions. You can improve your experience and build a large gem collection by following these tips.

Daily Challenges

In, the world is always changing, and daily tasks are a reliable and fun way to get gems. These tasks, which start over every 24 hours, give you a way to improve your gem collection.

The number of gems you get from these quests may change depending on how well you do in each stage. When you finish the tasks, chests will open, and the more difficult the stage, the better the rewards will be.

daily challenge

While daily challenges demand around ten energy points, prudent planning involves tackling them when a break is on the horizon, allowing energy points to regenerate. The triumphant completion of each stage not only adds to your gem stash but also contributes to your overall prowess in the universe.

Main Challenge Levels 

In, go beyond the ordinary by taking on the main task levels. You can start these tasks once you’ve finished the normal levels in the main chapters. When you finish them, you’ll get a lot of gems.

Offering three variations of the normal level, each with unique modifiers intensifying monster battles, main challenge levels present a thrilling opportunity to amass a hefty gem fortune. Upon completing these tasks, you will receive a large one-time gem reward that will help you become the best player.

Mega Challenges

For seasoned players seeking the ultimate challenge, Mega Challenges stand as formidable tests of skill.

These demanding levels strip away your stats, relying solely on your gaming prowess to emerge victoriously. Completing Mega Challenges unlocks not only a sense of accomplishment but also a substantial gem reward.

With 200 gems ripe for the taking after conquering each Mega Challenge level, this advanced gem-gathering method is reserved for daring and experienced survivors.

As you play’s main story, you’ll be able to unlock and complete these Mega Challenges. They will take you on an exciting adventure and a gem-filled path to mastery.

Monthly Card

The Monthly Card lets you get a steady flow of gems. For a small fee, this treasure chest guarantees a daily supply of bonus gems, making it a reasonable and worthwhile choice for fans.

Not only does the Monthly Card boost your gem collection, but it also throws in extra perks like increased patrol earnings, adding value to your journey. This cost-effective gem-gathering solution provides a reliable and effortless way to bolster your in-game wealth.

Weekly Gem Quests’s Weekly Gem Quests take you on a weekly gem-collecting journey. Every seven days, these tasks are updated with new, simple, and fun challenges that fit in with how you normally play.

Whether defeating monsters, merging equipment, or participating in daily challenges, completing these objectives earns you stars that unlock chests with increasingly valuable content.

The straightforward nature of these quests, combined with their alignment to normal play, makes them an excellent and accessible method for steadily accumulating gems in your arsenal.

Social Media Giveaways 

Stay connected and reap the rewards with’s Social Media Giveaways. Developers occasionally drop promo codes on their social channels, providing players with one-time gem rewards.

By engaging with the community on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can snag these valuable codes, often valid for around a month.

Additionally, joining the Discord community not only keeps you in the loop for exclusive events but also rewards you with a monthly gem infusion. Take part in the gem extravaganza and improve your experience by getting free gem boosts on these social networks.

Daily Login Rewards

Experience the joy of effortless gem accumulation with’s Daily Login Rewards. By simply logging into the game, you unlock a daily chest at certain milestones, showering you with free gems.

daily shop

This user-friendly feature requires minimal effort and ensures a consistent supply of gems that refresh every 24 hours. The more frequently you log in, the more gems you can claim, creating a rewarding routine that effortlessly enhances your adventure.

Enders Echo

Enter the exciting world of Enders Echo, a tough game in that offers gems as valuable rewards. Fight tough bosses in intense battles and show off your skills in multiple fights. As you conquer these challenges repeatedly, you unlock chests containing not only gems but also other valuable loot.

Enders Echo

Enders Echo introduces a competitive edge, ranking players based on their performance and offering enticing rewards at the end of each season or league. Experience the thrill of Enders Echo, where smart fights lead to a rich harvest of gems and victory in the world of

Growth Fund

In, the Growth Fund emerges as a treasure trove of gems, offering survivors a lucrative opportunity to bolster their collections. This gem-rich reward package boasts three tiers, including a free option and two paid tiers.

growth fund

Progressing through the game and completing achievements unlocks these tiers, with the most rewarding gems found in the premium tier. The Growth Fund becomes a steady source of gems, complementing your gameplay and ensuring a flourishing gem balance over time.

The Daily Shop

For those seeking an effortless gem boost, the Daily Shop stands as a reliable ally in Every 24 hours, survivors can claim a small gem reward by watching a brief advertisement.

daily shop

While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, the cumulative effect of consistent daily visits translates into a steady influx of free gems—30 gems per video, available for collection 2-3 times daily. Use this easy-to-understand approach to quickly earn gems and build up your gem stash for future challenges.

Promo Codes developers occasionally drop promo codes, providing survivors with exclusive one-time rewards, including gems and coins. Accessible through the developers’ social channels, these codes offer a brief window of opportunity, typically valid for around a month.

Stay connected with’s online community, follow the developers’ social channels, and seize the chance to input these codes for instant gem rewards.

Joining the Discord channel makes things even better because survivors can get 200 gems every month by entering their player ID. Take advantage of these ways to improve your gem collection and move forward in

Chapter Chests

Chapter Chests are useful prizes in the interesting world of that make the game more fun as you play through the main story.

You can get these boxes by making it through chapters and levels, and they might contain valuable gems. Easily accessible next to the patrol button, these chests serve as a delightful boost to your gem collection.

chapter chests

While redeemable only once upon chapter or level completion, they offer a straightforward and rewarding way to gather additional gems, ensuring your adventure is not only challenging but also gem-filled.

From The Shop

Survivors in search of an expedited path to gem acquisition can turn to the shop, offering gems for purchase using real currency.

While this method may involve a cost, it provides an efficient means to bolster your gem count, facilitating quicker equipment upgrades and strategic advantages in the game.

With various gem packages available, survivors can tailor their purchase based on their needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized approach to enhancing their journey.

Daily and Weekly Chests introduces a reliable gem collection strategy through Daily and Weekly Chests, offering survivors a consistent means of acquiring these coveted gems.

By completing simple tasks during normal gameplay, survivors earn stars that unlock chests. Refreshing every 24 hours and seven days, respectively, these chests provide gems based on their star values.

You can get more stars by completing goals like killing monsters, merging equipment, and doing daily tasks. This will make sure that you always have gems for your adventures. Take on these regular tasks to keep collecting gems and build up your supplies for upcoming adventures.

Limited Timed Events adds Limited Timed Events, which are exciting chances to collect gems within a certain amount of time. There are a lot of tasks at these events, and when you beat them, you get valuable rewards like gems.

new events

By participating in time-limited challenges, survivors can accumulate gems swiftly, enhancing their overall resource pool.

An exemplary event, such as the Valentine’s Day challenge, allowed players to exchange tickets for turns on a lottery board, offering a chance to win gems, coins, and equipment. Engage actively in these limited-time challenges to seize remarkable gem rewards and elevate your experience.


As you start your journey, your accomplishments will easily show up as achievements. These awards are earned by doing different things in the game, like collecting gold, improving your gear, and beating groups of monsters.

As you navigate through the game, these achievements serve as a brilliant and free-to-play means of earning gems.

With a simple indicator highlighting completed achievements, survivors can effortlessly collect gem rewards. Celebrate your milestones and accomplishments in as you amass gems, leveling up not only your equipment but also your in-game wealth.

Special Ops introduces Special Ops, offering survivors swift missions with varying difficulty levels. While not all Special Ops missions reward gems, survivors can unlock gems along with equipment and gold by completing these missions.

The unique aspect of Special Ops lies in their energy-free nature, allowing survivors to engage in quick, adrenaline-packed missions lasting a maximum of 3 minutes.

special ops

As the difficulty increases with each mission, so do the potential rewards, making Special Ops a strategic and exciting method for earning gems in Test your skills, conquer the challenges, and reap the gem rewards in these fast-paced missions.

Leveling Up

As you play, each level-up is a big deal that gives you both a sense of success and real benefits, like gems. As you progress through the game, each level-up rewards survivors with a one-time bonus, typically consisting of 100 gems and five energy points.

This simple and effective way will make sure that your hard work and dedication to the game are recognized and rewarded. Enjoy the thrill of growing up as you collect gems, which will help you in-game and on your journey.

Where to Use Gems Effectively

Players are given more power in by giving them many ways to spend gems wisely, making the most of their effects on the game. Gems can be used carefully to buy new gear, supply crates, and gold, all of which help you stay alive and win the game.

The in-game shop, refreshed every 24 hours, features a range of equipment available for purchase using gems, providing strategic opportunities to enhance your arsenal.

Whether you’re eyeing an equipment upgrade or aiming for a tactical advantage, judiciously investing your gems ensures a seamless progression through the landscape.

Strategically allocate your gems to areas that align with your gameplay style, and watch as your survivor thrives in the post-apocalyptic world.

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